How To Plan Your Own Funeral Service

Can you imagine how much you'd be helping the loved ones you leave behind at the time of your death when you plan your own funeral? If you are considering doing just that, here are some thoughts that might help you as you proceed with your plans.

Reasons For Planning Your Own Funeral - If you decide to plan your own funeral, you certainly won't be alone.

  • Can you imagine how much you will be helping beloved family members and close friends by planning your own funeral? They will more than likely already be feeling stressed and emotional simply because you have passed away. Rather than having to make decisions on their own, they will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are following your own wishes.
  • Prepaying for everything that is involved will more than likely save you money, as rates will probably be higher in days to come. 
  • A big factor is that you can select whether you want to be buried in the traditional way or whether you want to be cremated. When you have made this decision, you can select the coffin of your choice or an urn for your remains. You can also decided that you want your remains to be taken to a place that holds a special place in your heart. 

Planning Your Own Funeral ServiceConsider every detail when you are planning the service.

  • Is there somebody who is very close to you that would give the eulogy? This should be a person who knows you really well. If you have something specific that you want mentioned, be sure to write it down. For example, if you have a passion for animals and have dedicated a lot of your life to them, this would probably be of interest to those who attend your funeral. 
  • The person who gives the obituary will need to have facts about your life story. Included will be your birthplace and the day you were born, facts about your education, your career, awards you have received, your participation in clubs and other organizations, and any other specifics about your life that you believe would be good to include.
  • Consider the music you want at your funeral. If you are of Scottish descent and you love the bagpipes, consider requesting them for the services. Perhaps your heritage is Mexican. A mariachi band performing hymns like "How Great Thou Art", "Holy, Holy, Holy" or other favorites would be something the congregation will probably never forget. Patriotic music or other inspiring songs would also be very appropriate. Some to consider are "The Wind Beneath My Wings" or "My Way".
  • Think of putting somebody specific in charge to set up a display which would include photographs and other memorabilia articles that represent your life. If you love to play a musical instrument, including it in the display would tell a story of its own. The same goes for paints, your camera, a telescope and other objects that were part of your life.

​Remember to show family members or trusted friends where you have placed important paper work, including any money you have paid for your funeral expenses. It would be wise to make more than one copy in case of loss.