5 Non-Traditional & Creative Ways To Memoralize Your Loved One's Ashes

While scattering a loved one's ashes in a favorite place is a meaningful way to memorialize a loved one, many families are looking for something more creative and non-traditional to fit the personality of their departed family member. Here are 5 unique ways to memorialize the ashes of your loved one.

1. Have a Teddy Bear Made 

One difficult aspect of losing a loved one is that you'll no longer be able to hug or hold them. A "teddy bear urn" is a great way to store some or all of your family member's ashes, so you can snuggle up to your loved one whenever you're missing them. Teddy bear urns are an exceptionally meaningful way to memorialize the ashes of a child for those who have lost young ones.

2. Put Ashes into Ammunition

If your loved one was a gun enthusiast, it may make perfect sense to have their ashes put into ammo. You can shoot the ammunition in a meaningful memorial service, or you can wear one of the bullets created with their cremains around your neck as a unique urn necklace.

3. Have Art Created

Many artists offer a service where families can choose to have their loved one's ashes mixed into paint and used to create a beautiful work of art. The art can then be hung in a private area of the home, or in a more common area where it can serve as a unique conversation piece.

4. Put Your Loved One's Ashes in a Birdhouse Urn

If your loved one enjoyed birds or loved being outdoors, a birdhouse urn might be just the way to beautifully remember them after their passing. A birdhouse urn can be purchased or made and placed in the garden, perhaps near a memorial bench or garden stone.

5. Have an Hourglass Made

Some companies offer a service where an hourglass can be made with a loved one's ashes instead of sand. This allows you to see the ashes and be reminded of your loved one's special time on earth whenever you feel the need to be close to them.

No matter what you choose to do with your loved one's cremains, make sure you opt for something unique and descriptive of your loved one's personality. Whether it's traditional or non-traditional, you can take comfort in the memorializing of your loved one's ashes in the way they would have wanted. For more information or ideas, contact a company such as Taylor Funeral Home.