5 Things To Consider When Planning A Funeral For A Child

Planning a funeral for a child may be the most difficult thing a parent will ever face. If you are put in this heart-breaking situation, you may not have the time or the ability to think clearly during the planning process. This may lead to regrets later on, but there are a few things you can do to ease the burden of planning services while still creating a beautiful way to honor the memory of your child.

Ask For Help

You don't have to go through the funeral planning or your grief alone. Ask a trusted friend or family member to help or to speak for you. In some instances, you may not be able to speak without crying, and that is perfectly normal. Write down the questions you might have or some of the things you want to have included in the services, and ask your friend or loved one to speak to the funeral director for you.

Interview A Few Different Funeral Homes

Having a funeral director who is sensitive to your unique situation will help you to handle the stress and emotions that come with funeral planning. Ask to speak to the director over the phone if a visit to the funeral home seems more than you can bear. Make sure you feel comfortable with the demeanor of the director. Once you find a director who is respectful and sensitive to your needs, you can begin to make arrangements.

Arrange A Memorial Service

Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, it is important to have a memorial service. Gathering family and friends can provide a great source of comfort for you, and the memorial service gives you a chance to say a final good-bye to your child. Even if you aren't sure that you feel up to the task of attending a service now, remember that you may wish that you had later on.

Fill The Room With Memories Of Your Child

Whether you bring a few of your child's favorite toys to the funeral home or you bring treasured photos of your child, filling the memorial service with memories can help you celebrate the life of your child. Encourage family members to bring photos as well, and ask a few close family friends to share a few memories during the eulogy portion of the service.

Consider Hiring A Videographer

While it may sound a little unconventional, a videographer can provide a valuable service. You may find that the events of the day seem like a blur over time, and a video of the eulogies, prayers and benediction can help you to process and remember the day. Watching the video of family members talking about favorite memories with your child may bring you comfort later on. Remember that you don't ever have to watch the video, but having it on-hand gives you the option should you choose to watch it later.

Planning the funeral won't be easy, but you can use these ideas to help you begin to cope with your loss while also creating a service that honors the life of your child. Lean on friends and family during this time, and be sure that you make the choices that give you comfort during your grief. Visit Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Homes for more information on funeral planning.