Funeral Planning 101: 4 Simple Ways To Make A Funeral Feel More Personable

Planning a funeral service isn't easy, especially if the person was close to you. With so many decisions to make, it can be easy to forget the details. However, personalizing a funeral service really boils down to the details. A few simple changes to the funeral service can change it entirely and make it much more personal and intimate.

If you are interested in personalizing a funeral service for your loved one, follow these four helpful tips:

1. Photos and Videos

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to personalize a funeral service is to include photos and videos of the deceased. A few snapshots hung around the funeral home, a slideshow, or even a short video of their favorite moments can help make the funeral much more personal. It will also highlight the life, joy, and adventures the deceased enjoyed—alone or with others.

If you don't have access to any photos or videos of the deceased, consider creating a memorial video. Meet with friends and family members and create a video tribute. Let friends and family express their grief, favorite moments, and even funny stories. It will help liven up the atmosphere and help people celebrate the life of the deceased.

2. Music

Another easy way to personalize a funeral service is to play music. You can hire a band, if the funeral home allows it, and have them play songs. Alternatively, you can create a playlist of favorite songs and play it via a music player. It's cheap, easy, quick, and a great way to celebrate the life of the deceased.

3. Customized Programs

If you have a bigger budget, consider creating a customized program for the funeral service. It might sound corny, but a personalized program is a great way for everyone to remember the deceased for years to come—because they can keep it. You can make these yourself on your computer and print them out. You could also hire a professional printing service to help. Either way, make sure to include favorite quotations, personal photographs, or even memories of the deceased.

4. Memory Stations

Finally, consider using a memory station to customize the funeral service. These stations are similar to bridal sign-in stations. Guests who enter can sign a book, leave a fingerprint, or even write down their favorite memory. Those close to the deceased will surely love this, as they will be able to relive their loved one through the memories and names of those who attend the funeral.

As you can see, a funeral service doesn't have to be impersonal. With a few tweaks, you can easily transform the funeral into something beautiful and personal. Just make sure you talk to the funeral home director before doing anything, as you want to make sure they allow whatever it is you plan on doing.

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