Non-Traditional Services Are Becoming Standard Fare At Funeral Homes

The funeral service business has necessarily changed with the times. With more people choosing less expensive options, such as cremation, and discount retailers selling bargain caskets, finding a way to make up those losses has lead to an array of services for every need or lifestyle.

Funeral Video Streaming

Families don't stay in their home towns, or even their home states, much anymore. In the age of technology with families scattered all over the country and sometimes the world, it only stands to reason that everyone who wants to attend a funeral may not have that opportunity. Many funeral homes now offer video services, from a simple taping of the service to a video stream so that friends and loved ones can attend from afar. With interactive services, loved ones can even deliver a eulogy that is broadcast live from wherever they are.

Therapy Dogs

Many funeral homes are warming up to the idea of using therapy dogs in the funeral home and having them present at wakes and graveside services. These specially trained dogs are able to brighten the mood and make people feel more comfortable. They are especially good for distracting and comforting grieving children, who are not adept at expressing how they feel. Simply by placing a paw or head on a family member and giving them something soft to pet and snuggle has been shown to have immeasurable benefits.

Grief Counseling Services

After the funeral, when everyone has gone home, is often the hardest time for someone grieving a loss. Funeral homes are increasingly providing formally trained grief counselors to offer support in the form of groups or even one-on-one sessions. Some funeral homes graciously offer the free use of their facilities to outside support groups. Each of these groups may have a different focus, such as groups for widows, loss of a child, military spouses or even children who have lost a parent. Even if the funeral home does not offer personal support, many of them now have websites or social media pages with information on grief, or they provide pamphlets and literature on the grieving process.

As the world changes, the funeral services industry must change as well. Today's mourners don't feel the need for the lavish, expensive funerals of the past. Economics and logistics, along with the rise of technology, make offering video services a popular option. But people still need comfort, which makes therapy animals and grief counseling appealing as well. If you have lost a loved one, talk to your local funeral home about which services they provide that may help you both before, during and after the funeral service.

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