Alternative Funeral Options For The Environmentally Conscious Individual

When you think ahead to a time in which you will no longer be a part of the world, you may have many thoughts and concerns. And if you are a person who prefers to plan ahead, you may be considering your options for your funeral as well as for your physical body once you are gone. There are numerous options available to you when you are pre-planning your funeral. However, if you are an environmentalist and are concerned about your impact on the environment even after you are gone, you may find yourself unsure of how to proceed. Get to know some of the more eco-friendly options for your remains so that you can leave this world knowing that you have done everything you can to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

Become a Part of a Man-Made Reef

As a person concerned about the environment, you likely know that marine life, particularly that near coasts, is struggling a great deal. Natural coral reefs and other marine habitats are being wiped out, and barren areas of lifeless ocean are taking their place.

You can actually become part of the solution to such issues if you choose to use your remains as a part of a man-made reef project. Your cremated remains could be incorporated into an artificial reef designed to recreate an environment that fosters natural coral growth as well as other marine life.

This option can also allow your family to visit you after you are gone. Many of these reefs offer tours and diving trips to see and explore not only the reef itself but also all of the marine life that it has encouraged and supports.

Choose a Memorial Tree Option

If the idea of having your remains underwater does not appeal to you, you can still choose an eco-friendly option for yourself after you are gone. Another option is to choose cremation services that would allow your remains to become a part of the organic material that helps a tree grow.

Memorial trees are becoming increasingly popular options for people and families who are environmentally conscious and who want an alternative to traditional headstones and urns. The person's remains are a part of the nutrients surrounding the roots of the tree when it is planted. As such, you become a natural part of the memorial tree and your family can remember you every time they look at or visit your memorial tree.

This option is both eco-friendly and can balance your environmentalism with your family's desire for a place to easily visit and remember you. You can even have a small memorial plaque installed near the tree to make it even more special.

With these environmentally friendly ideas in mind, you can better pre-plan your environmentally friendly funeral and be sure that your legacy of conscientiousness lives on. To learn more, speak with a company like Final Care Cremation Services.