What Can I Do With Cremated Ashes?

One of the best features of cremation is that it gives you many options for what to do with the remains. Once the ashes have been cremated, here are some unique things to do with the ashes. 

Hold a Scatter at Sea Ceremony

If your loved one is interested in having their remains scattered at sea, then cremation services are the right option. A scatter at sea ceremony can be a great outdoor alternative to a funeral home memorial service, making your ceremony more flexible. 

Place them in a Functional Object

There are many unique containers to place ashes in after cremation. Aside from the traditional urn, you might want to choose something decorative or functional. For instance, an hourglass allows you to use the ashes in a creative and functional way, while also having a decorative reminder in the home to remind you of the person's time on Earth. 

Place them in a Decorative Object

Of course, you don't need to use a practical object for your ashes. It's also possible to mix the ashes into many decorative pieces. For instance, you might find an artist who will mix the ashes into a stained glass piece or a portrait commemorating the loved one. You might be able to incorporate the ashes into several objects this way, allowing each member of the family to have a decorative reminder of your loved one. 

Place them in an Eco-Friendly Urn

There are several eco-friendly urns that allow your ashes to be used as a fertilizer for a growing seedling. These urns can offset the environmental costs of burial and allow life to go on with a new, growing tree. 

Have a Burial Ceremony

Cremation doesn't preclude you from holding a more traditional burial ceremony if that's what you would prefer. It is possible to have remains cremated and then placed in an urn or casket, which can be buried in a traditional cemetery plot. Cremation services would be a good idea even in the case of a traditional burial if you'd like to split the ashes between a few different burial methods. 

As you can see, there are several different options for what to do with the ashes after cremation. Choosing a unique final resting place can be a great way to remember a person who was untraditional during their lifetime, and cremating the ashes gives you a chance to celebrate in the way that the person would have liked. For more information about cremation, contact a business such as Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.