How To Make A Graveside Service More Special For Your Clients

Running a funeral home means that you have to have a certain compassion for your clients. As you know, they are often going through a difficult time mourning the loss of their loved one and trying to arrange their funeral at the same time. For many people, the final farewell at the cemetery where their deceased loved one will be laid to rest is the hardest part of a funeral to go through. Here are ways your funeral home can help make a graveside service more special, and therefore, more easy to bear, for your clients.

Offer flowers as part of the service

Some clients will wish to have flowers available at a graveside service so that they can place a bloom on the casket or burial area of their deceased loved one as a token of love and respect. Offer single blooms to those attending a graveside service to help give them a way to say their farewell and feel closer to their loved one even as they are attending their final physical resting place.

Play music

Ask your clients if their deceased loved one had any favorite musical artists or style of music that you can play quietly in the background as they attend the graveside service. Music can inspire positive memories and bring a sense of peace and comfort to those who are still living, especially if the tunes being played are those that the deceased loved most.

Provide a private area to mourn

Some attendees to a graveside service may be nervous, or they may have small children with them that they don't want to have too close to the graveside respects. If you can, set up a few chairs in a private area where people can mourn quietly or have a sense of seclusion while still being able to be part of the graveside service. Chairs can be set several feet away from the graveside service so people don't feel overwhelmed being too close.

Hand out memorial notes

Gather as much information as you can about the deceased from their loved ones, including their favorite foods, pastimes, nicknames, accomplishments, and more. Compile these small things to remember them by, no matter how seemingly small or trivial, into a lovely memorial note that people can read while they attend the graveside service. These notes can help people remember their loved ones in a positive way when they were alive, rather than make them focus on the death they are now grieving.

There are many ways you can help make a graveside service more special to your customers. From flowers to memorial notes, you can help your clients grieve in a more comfortable and positive way. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at Memorial Mortuaries.