Creative Uses For Cremated Ashes

Cremation has many benefits, not least of which is that it allows you to make a creative final resting place. Here are some ideas for how to honor a deceased loved one by giving them a special send-off. 

Mix the Ashes Into a Building Material

Some families choose to place ashes into a functional object so that the ashes remain close to home at all times. Ashes can be mixed into cement to form a new building or a sculpture. Some artists are willing to work with paint that is mixed with cremated ashes, so you might be able to have a painting commissioned in honor of your loved one.

Other more far-out uses for ashes include building a reef that fish can dwell in. There are many companies cropping up that will use ashes in a functional way, so that you can bury a loved one in a manner that's consistent with how they spent their time on Earth. 

Scatter the Ashes at Sea

Another option that has become popular is a scatter at sea ceremony. You can hold your own, or if the person was in the military, there are military scatter at sea services to consider. 

Give them Multiple Homes

If you have multiple family members who are close to the deceased, it may be a good idea to split up the ashes and allow each family member to decide what to do with their share. Aside from the traditional urn, ashes can find a permanent home in lockets, commemorative vessels, memorial statues, and other decorative pieces.

Try an Unusual Urn

Another option to consider is an alternative urn. Aside from the decorative urns that have been used in the past, there are new models that are designed to be buried and integrated with the Earth. These can also bear seedlings, so that the ashes will nourish the growth of a new plant. For someone with a green thumb, this can be a very honorable usage of their ashes. 

Bury Them

The urn is small enough that it can be buried in a home cemetery plot if you wish. You may also bury the urn in a larger casket at a cemetery. 

In short, a traditional burial isn't the only option for remembering a unique loved one. Each of these options gives you the freedom to bury a loved one in the way that suits their personality best. Contact a funeral home, like Beeman-Patchak Funeral Home, for more help.