Tips For Showing Support Beyond The Funeral Service

It can be extremely difficult to witness a loved one enveloped in the pain that grief causes. You may want to do everything within your power to ease one's suffering after someone they care about passes away. Being there and showing you care at this time is a way to express your love that will always be remembered. The good news is that there are things that can you can do even beyond the funeral that can provide ongoing comfort to your loved one as they face the death in coming days, weeks, and months.

Check In Often

You will need to put extra effort into the friendship when someone is grieving. While they may have previously thought to call you frequently, they may temporarily stop reaching out for a variety of reasons. They may even be afraid of being bad company or burdening you with their pain. Reach out to your loved one even more often than you did before the funeral. If you had weekly phone calls, try to call twice per week.

Make Plans

When somebody is in the grip of grief, they are likely not going to want to expend emotional and mental energy on doing stuff like planning fun outings. However, getting out of the house and having a good time can be exactly what they need. Try to plan out fun outings or maybe even entire afternoons, then call up and invite your loved one along.

Offer Specific Help

It's common for people to say, "Call me or email me if you need anything." However, someone who is suffering with prolonged grief is not likely to feel up to that. Rather than make them reach out and ask for favors they may be afraid to seek, assess the situation. Think of the unique needs of your loved one and offer to take care of specific tasks that may be trying to them when they're hurting. If the person is not a good cook, you may plan and deliver meals a few times per week. If they're overwhelmed with parenting responsibilities in the midst of grief, you may offer to babysit often.

Finally, keep in mind that simply showing up can be the biggest help to your loved one. Some people disappear at difficult times, and after the funeral, many more tend to slowly drift away. Showing that you continue to care throughout the entire painful healing journey will go a long way to strengthen the bond you have with your loved one.

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