Consider A Glass Pipe Made Partially From A Loved One's Cremated Remains

People often look for creative ways to use their loved one's cremated remains after death. If you're someone who doesn't want to release all of the remains into nature and you're not exactly sold on the idea of an urn sitting on your mantle, you may want to explore other ideas. Several companies make glass pipes that include a portion of cremated remains.

If you're someone who enjoys smoking tobacco, this type of special pipe can be for you. Find a company that produces these pipes to make an order, and then you can bundle up some of your loved one's cremated remains and ship them to the company. Here are three things to know about this way to use the cremains.

You Can Choose The Style

Glass pipes come in all sorts of different styles, so it's worthwhile to think about what type of pipe you commonly like to use when smoking tobacco. Don't be afraid to inquire about what shapes are available, and you should also express some interested regarding the color of the pipe. A nice way to honor the life of your loved one is to choose one or more colors that he or she liked. The pipe maker can then produce the pipe to suit your shape and color specifications.

You Might Want To Order A Few

Just as having a drink to toast the life of a loved one can be a nice way to get together with special people who are all grieving the loss, smoking tobacco together can also have a ceremonial nature. If there are a few people in your family for whom getting together to smoke would be appropriate, think about ordering a few glass pipes made partially from some of the cremated remains. You can then organize a time to smoke together and perhaps share some memories about the person's life.

Plan A Storage Spot

This won't be a glass pipe that you'll want to carry around in your pocket, as you'll definitely want to take care of it. Whether you use the pipe frequently or bring it out only on special occasions, one idea to consider is planning to keep it in a special storage spot. Just as you might display an urn in your home, you could put the pipe in a clear glass case in a special area, perhaps with a photo of you and your late loved one beside it.

For more information, contact your local cremation services.