Writing Out Your Final Arrangements? Why You Should Choose Cremation

Planning out your final wishes and putting them in writing is a kind thing to do for your family members. If there are people in your life who truly love you, they will likely be wrestling with extreme grief at the time of your passing and may not have the wherewithal to give the appropriate amount of energy and consideration to the task. Taking care of this important activity in advance lifts the burden and can make an already difficult season so much easier. As you are deciding which assets to give to your beneficiaries, determining who will be the executor of the estate, and planning your funeral, read through the information that follows to see why cremation is such a wise choice.

Affordability Matters

Although you'll be gone and may not think the cost of your funeral will matter, you must realize that money is always a factor. Everything has a price and if you've always been a savvy consumer in life, you may want to continue the trend after death. Traditional funerals can be quite expensive and you never know what your financial situation will be like when you depart. Planning for a more affordable cremation service right now protects you and your family in the event that your monetary status takes a turn for the worst.

It's estimated that cremation is approximately three times less expensive than the average burial. Think of all of the fees involved with a burial and it's easy to see why this is the case. Not only do you have to pay to have the body prepared for the burial, but you also have to purchase a coffin, plot of land, and headstone. Cremation requires fewer steps and the time savings are passed on to you.

Cremation Lends Mobility

Opting for cremation is especially great if your loved ones stay on the go. Maybe you have one or more children who are in the military that are constantly being stationed at different bases around the globe. If you choose to have your body cremated, your offspring won't have to worry about being away from you because the urn is usually small enough to fit into nearly any suitcase or bag.

Cremation is good for the environment because you can avoid releasing heavy metals into the earth as your coffin begins to break down. Write out your final plans and include cremation among your wishes today. 

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