Your Funeral Pre-Plan Is Your Last Greatest Act Of Love For Your Family

When your time in this physical existence has ended, your family will be under a lot of stress. They will be grieving while trying to get used to you not being with them. Making funeral arrangements is another stress that they don't need right now. By doing your own funeral pre-planning, you take that burden away from them. Here are some of the ways in which you will be supporting your family by this final act of love.

Looking For The Right Funeral Home For Your Pre-Planning Needs

When pre-planning your funeral, you want to find a funeral home in your area that offers the services most important to you. Most funeral homes provide similar services, but at varying levels. Talk with the funeral director at each facility and get the details on the services they offer. Here are some of the services that may be most beneficial to your family at the time of your passing. Grief Counseling

Having Trouble Talking to Your Loved Ones About Your Cremation Decision?

End-of-life decisions are complicated. They involve incorporating your own wishes into the wants and needs of your loved ones. For that reason, once you make a decision about your final wishes you might have a hard time talking with your loved ones. If you're considering cremation, you might even be worried about the reactions of your loved ones. Open a Dialogue with Your Loved Ones It's can be difficult to talk about what you want to happen after you pass away.

What Can I Do With Cremated Ashes?

One of the best features of cremation is that it gives you many options for what to do with the remains. Once the ashes have been cremated, here are some unique things to do with the ashes.  Hold a Scatter at Sea Ceremony If your loved one is interested in having their remains scattered at sea, then cremation services are the right option. A scatter at sea ceremony can be a great outdoor alternative to a funeral home memorial service, making your ceremony more flexible.

5 Ways To Memorialize Your Loved One

Sometimes a funeral doesn't feel like enough when it comes to memorializing a loved one who's passed on. You want to honor their memory in a special way that will make you feel closer to them. Taking the time to thoughtfully memorialize a loved one can be a healthy way to help process your grief and celebrate the life of the one you've lost. Here are five ideas for memorializing your loved one: